Ton Cobelens

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Chief Design Officer

Ton Cobelens' success as TW Steel's Chief Design Officer is all the more impressive given the Dutchman holds no formal design qualifications. Of more importance to Ton in his creative processes are the developments in the market and what people - ultimately potential TW Steel consumers, like and seek from new product.
His move into the watch world dates back to 1980 when Ton became the Benelux distributor for two watch brands. It was during this period that he started to design his own watches, developing a range of private label watches for airlines such as KLM, Martinair and Wardair.
While Ton eventually sold this company to start an international advertising agency, specializing in communications for the IT industry, in the latter years of running this business he again found himself back in watches, managing advertising and promotions.
This work revived Ton's passion for watch design. Selling his advertising agency, he designed and marketed a small Swiss-made watch brand which proved to be popular in his native Holland and other European countries.
TW Steel was later born with Ton fulfilling the role of Chief Design Officer while his youngest son Jordy managed the day-to-day operations, now in the role of Chief Executive Officer. Ton oversees all design elements for the TW Steel family, with his passion for design and development a critical factor in the continued growth and ultimately success of the brand.