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limited editions

It’s time to eat dust again! For the 11th consecutive time, we will take on the toughest race on the planet with the Coronel brothers: the Dakar Rally. As always, we have channeled our adventurous racing spirt and developed two tough limited edition timepieces: a Dakar Volante Limited Edition and a Dakar Grandeur Tech Limited Edition.

Both models are inspired by the relentless design of the new Coronel Dakar vehicle. The Dakar Volante Limited Edition combines adventure with timeless design, while the bold Dakar Grandeur Tech Limited Edition oozes toughness and adrenaline.

These limited editions are limited to 500 units, but we want to offer you the chance to buy one. If you order one now, we will give you an authentic TW Steel keychain for free!

Get ready for Dakar time and order now!


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