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Chronograph watches

Chronograph watches

TW Steel’s chronograph timepieces make the ultimate statement on your wrist.

For those that appreciate the complexities of movement in time, be bold with either chronograph watches for men or a ladies chronograph watch.

TW Steel may be the new kid on the timepiece block, but that doesn't mean we don't respect the art of proper watchmaking. Whether you’re looking for men’s chronograph watches or ladies chronograph watches, there are many options in the styles and sizes of our timepieces, offering chronograph movements to match your attitude.

All of our chronograph timepieces come with a powerful movement. These ensure you can take timekeeping to the next level with proven reliability for enhanced TW Steel Big Time.

We build attitude into every single chronograph watch we create. Our men’s chronograph watch range and ladies chronograph watch range are for those who want to stand up and stand out, bold in every sense. Our timepieces celebrate the important things in life, making bold statements to suit all tastes.

Keep time with a chronograph watch featuring our iconic canteen design, launched in 2005 as our first timepiece. Bold and expressive, the canteen influence remains a strong element 10 years on as the backbone of the TW Steel range and can be found in various collections, with either premium leather or steel bracelets.

If you prefer your style at the red line then rev up with a chronograph timepiece from the TW Steel Yamaha Factory Racing or VR46 Collection. Inspired and designed with the fastest two-wheeled racers on the planet, nothing comes close when every second counts.

If cutting loose is more your thing then let the good times roll with a selection of chronograph watches from our sport heritage themed Maverick Collection. Born from the ground-breaking Son of Time Project that delivered the straight-line speed hungry, salt flat racer machine built by Amsterdam’s Numbnut Motorcycles and the unique one-off timepiece of the same name. It doesn't get any cooler than this and there’s no better way to time your high speed run.

How tall do you want to stand today? Whatever your time is, whether you need a mens or a womens watch, whether you want to be bold, or slide under the radar, we’ve got your time covered.

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